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8 Reasons to Visit Thailand

Thailand is a holidaymaker’s dream that boasts an irresistible combination of striking natural beauty, inspiring temples, heart-warming hospitality, tantalizing cuisine and stunning beaches. There is no place on Earth like Thailand.  Millions from the world over flock to Thailand each year to experience what this magical kingdom has to offer.  The food, the culture, friendly people, […]

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Explorient’s Top 10 Asia Travel Tips and FAQs

(Post written by Kervin Yu) Taking that long awaited trip to Asia is no doubt exciting but can also be daunting at the same time. Combining our in-house on the ground expertise with invaluable feedback from our esteemed travelers throughout the years, we have compiled a nice list of useful travel tips and answers to many of […]

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Explorient’s Top 10 Travel Destinations

As the largest continent in the world, Asia has a richness in history and culture against a backdrop of dramatic contrasts between its energetic metropolis to the tranquil, natural landscapes. The Far East boasts a myriad of tantalizing travel experiences between country and city, ancient and modern, adventure and relaxation. Enjoy this visual tour as we present you […]

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Hong Kong, Luxury Travel Asia

Top 8 Reasons to Travel Asia

 (Post written by Leah Kammeyer) A new year brings fresh travel plans! Make 2016 your year to travel Asia with Explorient, and explore our Top 8 Reasons why Asia is your travel destination for this year! 1. Strong Dollar Means Big Value The U.S. Dollar is at historical highs against nearly every Asian currency. For […]

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Thailand Foodies Tour

Bangkok – A Heaven for the Food Aficionado

 (Post written by Leah Kammeyer) Food has an unexpectedly lasting impact on us when we travel. The distinctive dishes and tastes in each corner of the world help flavour our sensory experience when we are far from home. It is so regionally unique, and often a cultural identifier. Because of this, food has become just […]

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Myanmar’s Majestic Inle Lake

 (Post written by Leah Kammeyer) Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is an exciting new front on the Southeast Asian travel scene. With its doors flung open in just the past few years after decades of isolation, Myanmar remains one of the planet’s last frontiers in terms of genuine culture, dazzling centuries-old landmarks and alluring natural beauty. […]

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Koh Yao Islands – A Dose of Paradise

 (Post written by Ai Nguyen) I have to admit, when my husband tasked me with finding a place near Phuket, Thailand to spend a few days as part of our vacation, I knew nothing of the Koh Yao islands. There’s little information on the internet and I was at first reluctant to commit to anywhere […]

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A Little Peace Called Bali (by Leah Kammeyer)

Resting peacefully in between Java and Lombok islands, Indonesia offers a little piece of paradise called Bali. On this island province, spend your time in style by the serene seas in Seminyak and Jimbaran, then retreat into the cultural core of Ubud, set in the Balinese mountains amidst the gentle, rolling earth, terraced in rice […]

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Phu Quoc Vacation

Vietnam’s Undiscovered Island Destination – Phu Quoc (by Leah Kammeyer)

Rolling green landscapes spanning as far as you can see, halting just in time for swatches of sandy beaches flanking the azure sea. These fairly untouched, wind-tickled sands beckon the wanderlust traveler to explore on. Choose whether to trek on or retreat to the creature comforts of your luxury hotel. Sound like a great escape […]

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The Magic of Songkran Festival 2015 (by Megan Collier)

I had been to Thailand only once before this year and got the chance to experience some of the amazing opportunities and unique experiences the country has to offer. This time, I had originally only planned to stay for a two-week vacation and leave the beginning of April, but about a week into my time […]

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