Phu Quoc Vacation

Vietnam’s Undiscovered Island Destination – Phu Quoc (by Leah Kammeyer)

Rolling green landscapes spanning as far as you can see, halting just in time for swatches of sandy beaches flanking the azure sea. These fairly untouched, wind-tickled sands beckon the wanderlust traveler to explore on. Choose whether to trek on or retreat to the creature comforts of your luxury hotel. Sound like a great escape […]

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The Magic of Songkran Festival 2015 (by Megan Collier)

I had been to Thailand only once before this year and got the chance to experience some of the amazing opportunities and unique experiences the country has to offer. This time, I had originally only planned to stay for a two-week vacation and leave the beginning of April, but about a week into my time […]

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Eclectic Japan: A Private Japan Tour of Food, Fun and Nightlife

Where else can you experience the fast-paced vitality of a modern metropolis set amidst the historical echoes of the times past? Where else can you discover an epicurean wonderland of cuisines, ranging from Michelin-star restaurants to a quick fix at a food truck? If you have an insatiable appetite for food, culture, and history, come […]

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Amazing Places…Hidden Gems: Wuzhen, China

Virtually unknown to the foreign tourist, Wuzhen is as a gem of a destination as any for those looking for a unique experience outside the bright lights and big cities of China. Up until very recently, little information can be found on Wuzhen. Yes, even on the Internet. Perhaps it was a deliberate attempt to […]

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An Amazing Trip (by Cassie Fawcett)

My 14-year old daughter and I went to Thailand with Explorient in May 2013.  It was fantastic and certainly generated quite a number of life memories.  Now, a year later, I asked my daughter to summarize her experience and I loved to see what she took away from the experience. Actually, I loved it so […]

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Serene, Scenic, Suzhou (by Nick Eng)

Suzhou, the “Venice of the East” is a peaceful getaway from the large buildings and boisterous streets of Shanghai. Just 70 miles outside Shanghai, its canals, stone bridges, pagodas, and gardens have made it one of the top tourist attractions in China. In fact, its classical gardens are listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage […]

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Up and around the 60,000 steps of Huangshan (by Nick Eng)

A few years ago my family and I went on a 3 week vacation to China, to which we had the pleasure of having Explorient help us plan. We traveled all around, from the (relatively) small town of Wuzhou, to Shanghai, Huangshan, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong. We had a great trip, even after we had […]

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Private China Tour - Yunnan Province

Always Asia with Explorient–Thanks for a Great Trip

  I owe deepest thanks to Kervin Yu and Explorient for an incredible 22,000-mile, 8-flight trip to Beijing, Bangkok, Chiang Mai  and Singapore.  Traveling as a 71-yo solo traveler would have been impossible if Kervin had not “had my back” for months before in a few hundred emails of encouragement and advice.  I had read reviews of how he […]

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