Eclectic Japan: A Private Japan Tour of Food, Fun and Nightlife


Night City LifeWhere else can you experience the fast-paced vitality of a modern metropolis set amidst the historical echoes of the times past? Where else can you discover an epicurean wonderland of cuisines, ranging from Michelin-star restaurants to a quick fix at a food truck? If you have an insatiable appetite for food, culture, and history, come and join Explorient this year on one of our private tours to Japan!

Tokyo’s flashy skylines and stimulating cityscapes promise instant gratification. The high-end style of the Ginza District and the vibrant characters of the Harajuku and Akihabara Districts will fascinate and delight with their novelty; many are like nothing you’ve ever seen! Experience your choice of energetic nightlife with a youthful atmosphere in Shibuya, a reverberative pulse in Shinjuku, or a sophisticated night out in the Minato District.  To balance the frenetic pace of the city, our tour then guides you to a calmer, more grounded side of Tokyo. The Meiji Shrine is a great start, retaining its austerity and serenity, as Tokyo’s most famous Shinto shrine. Continue on to Sensoji, Tokyo’s oldest and one of its most significant temples.

Japan_FoodScene2_sIf the sights and sounds aren’t enough of an allure, Japan’s cuisine alone is enough to warrant a full-length tour. Tokyo is well-known as one of the biggest cities in the world, but it’s also one of the most important cities for food. The bustling Tsukiji Market is a hub of activity as a central wholesale market selling fruit, meat, flowers, and most famously, fish! The Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest fish and seafood market in the world, and increasingly becoming a favorite among tourists. Try a sushi breakfast or a rectangular-shaped omelette called tamagoyaki to whet your palate. Moving on to Ginza, one of the most renowned locations for luxury, this district’s upscale style is matched with its decadent array of restaurants, including several Michelin star establishments. For a more relaxed atmosphere, you may even want to peruse neighboring Yurakucho for its restaurant district nestled under the elevated JR Yamanote Line. Nearly a half mile long, you can choose from a range of international cuisines or authentic Japanese eateries. There’s no shortage of food or choices in this delectable corner of the city!

Next, hop on the Shinkansen, the 200 mph bullet train connecting the island nation with unparalleled efficiency. Jetting over to the imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto vows to further enrich your culinary experience with a balance of traditional and modern influences. You’ll enjoy a private tour of Kyoto City, including the famous 400 year old Nishiki Market. Referred to as “Kyoto’s Kitchen,”Japan_FoodFun this traditional style market is a five-block shopping street featuring all things food – from seafood, produce, and seasonal foods, to take-away items like yakitori (skewers) or sashimi, to knives and cookware. You can even join a Japanese cooking lesson at a local Machiya Townhouse, a place where you can experience Kyoto living much like the locals. In Kyoto’s Gion district, stroll by a selection of exclusive ochaya, or teahouses, possibly catching a glimpse of a geisha and her maiko (apprentice). Finish off your culinary palate with an evening “Foodies Tour” through Osaka, named as Japan’s food capital for its historical importance as the center of the rice trade during the Edo period.

This unique trip of a lifetime promises to indulge your every foodie wish, but we understand if you’re hungry to stay for more. For additional information, check out the Eclectic Japan Tour, a private tour centered around Japan’s food, fun and nightlife over 8 days. For our full array of fantastic tours and vacation packages of Japan, visit us at with high-end packages ranging everything from Honeymoons & Romantic Getaways, to inspiring Heritage Journeys and action-packed Family Holidays

By Leah Kammeyer

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