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Though it might sound farfetch’d (no pun intended) to actually believe what the world needs right now is Pokémon Go, plenty people would argue that it does.  In case you’re not already up to speed (c’mon!), Pokémon Go is a location-based reality mobile app that inspires players to get outside, explore different places and socialize (yes, face-to-face) 
in order to capture the wildest and rarest monsters from around the world.

Fact or fantasy, one thing is for sure – deciding to take that long-awaited trip to Asia just got a lot easier, and more enticing for everyone! Pokémon Go has gone viral across the globe in just a few short weeks, and Asia of no exception. Since Pokémon Go’s rollout to Japan and Hong Kong, now Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia….(you get the picture), it has caught fire – no matter where you go, there are Pokémon hunters day and night seeking to capture that Asia-exclusive Farfetch’d or the elusive Dragonite

Explorient is proud to be the first and only (as of August 2016) to introduce Pokémon Go tours to Asia. With the advent of Pokémon Go along with the help of your local guide, the whole family can now enjoy a distinctively new way of experiencing Asia – hitting the must-sees while exploring backstreets catching Pokémons. Our Pokémon Go tours offer an entirely unique travel experience that motivates travelers young and old to go places they otherwise probably never see: local parks & hangouts, off-the-grid landmarks, maybe even an secret ice-cream or coffee joint known only to the local folk. No longer will the little ones complain about being tired or bored on long tours and airport layovers. With their little Pokémon friends accompanying them, along with the abundance of Pokégyms, Pokéstops  and Pokélures awaiting at every corner, traveling with kids just got a lot easier – and fun!  

Embark on a trip like never before with a chance to mingle with the locals that transcend cultural and language barriers. Immerse in modern eclectic pop culture (Otaku) at one of Tokyo’s “maid cafes” or J-World. Experience dazzling landmarks, striking natural beauty and uncommon adventures – all in the while filling up your Pokédex. Our Pokémon Go tours promise a fascinating travel experience for all ages. So what are you waiting for?  Your most unforgettable Pokémon Go adventure awaits.


Pokémon Go Japan Tour

Japan Tour Pokemon Go

A Private Japan Pokémon Go Tour – 
Tokyo, Kyoto (8 days / 7 nights)
Land Only – From: $3,375


Pokémon Go Hong Kong Tour

Hong Kong Tour Pokemon Go

A Private Hong Kong Pokémon Go Tour –   
Hong Kong (7 days / 5 nights)

Air & Land From: $2,425


Pokémon Go Tokyo & Hong Kong

Family Vacation Pokemon Go

A Private Hong Kong & Tokyo Pokémon Go Tour –
Hong Kong, Tokyo ( 7 days / 5 nights)

Air &  Land From: $4,525

Pokémon Go Singapore Tour

Singapore Tour Pokemon Go

A Private Singapore  Pokémon Go Tour –
Singapore ( 5 days / 4 nights)




Our Pokemon Go Asia tours offer a fascinating way to experience Asia like never before. These highly personalized, highly exclusive family-centric Pokemon Go Asia Tours guarantee fun for all ages and a lifetime of memories. Each of these itineraries are meticulously planned to maximize your Asia vacation and Pokemon hunting experience. With your expert, like-minded local guides at your disposal, your chances of catching the rarest, coolest and highest “CP” pokemons just got a lot greater. And because our Pokemon Go Asia tours are private, these programs are fully customizable to suit your travel style, interests and budget – giving you endless possibilities to travel Asia in style. In addition, we can incorporate a Pokemon Go excursion to any of our existing packages wherever the app is available. From Tokyo’s Otaku Heaven of Akihabara (Electric Town) to Odaiba’s massive Gundam Statue overlooking picturesque Tokyo Bay. Hong Kong’s electrifying concrete jungle to Kyoto’s cobbled streets of wooden homes and hidden alleys. Our Pokemon Go Asia Tours delight all.