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Here are just a very few of our esteemed travelers’ comments on their Explorient trips…

“…I have so many wonderful stories to share. YOUR GUIDES ARE TRULY AMAZING! TRULY LOVE THEM!…”

Allison Dennis

April 2019 - Japan

Actual Letter

“…I am back from an absolutely amazing 40th bdayadventure. I just want to say an extra special thanks to Kervin & Karja…”

Tiffany Davis

February 2019 - Bali & Thailand

Actual Letter

“…The trip was outstanding.  Vietnam was fabulous! All guides, hotels, excursions, etc. were great!…”

Josh Macom

October 2017 (Vietnam and Thailand)

Actual Letter

“…It was a very memorable trip. Thanks again for planning and taking care of everything for us.. “

Katie Lam

August, 2017 - Vietnam

Actual Letter

“…We cannot thank you enough for everything, Your planning was impeccable. We enjoyed every single piece of the trip…”

Dan & Ann Giannantonio

February 2017 (Malaysia)

Actual Letter

“…I can’t thank you enough for pulling the whole program together.  Everything worked like clockwork, and the guides were all very friendly… “

Michael Johnson

March, 2017 - Japan & Myanmar

Actual Letter

“…We appreciate all of your knowledge with hotels and getting us last minute tour guides… Our son is so sad to be home.  He would like to move there…”

The Rollins Family

March 2017 (Japan)

Actual Letter

“…We have had such a wonderful experience in all of our Asia trips, that we are ready thinking about the next one… thank you for your awesome service always. “

The Santos Family

March 2017 - (Japan)

Actual Letter

“We were very pleased with the tours and arrangements on the trip… Everything in Beijing was well planned and coordinated…”

The Crosa Family- New York

April, 2014 (China & Hong Kong)

Actual Letter

“…I just wanted to let you know that it was a wonderful vacation.  Everything, down to the tour guides, were amazing! “

Julie Dugger

August, 2016 - Indiana (Japan)

Actual Letter

“… We would like to say thank you for arranging our trip to Japan.  We had such a wonderful time…”

Heather & Gordon Gorecki- Canada

December, 2015 (Japan)

Actual Letter

“…We are very grateful for your great efforts in planning this amazing trip. We saw a lot, did a lot and learned a lot. “

Miles Stanislaw, Idaho

September, 2015 (China)

Actual Letter

“… I wanted to tell you just how professional, courteous, and patient you and your employee, Kervin have been… and will be sure to share my same positive experience with others…”

Lynne - New York

April, 2015 (China, Japan)

Actual Letter

“…she ensured that we visited every location on our list, answered every question in detail, and always concerned of our safety and comfort… “

Marvin Larson, Arizona

June, 2015(China)

Actual Letter

“We had an amazing time. The hotels, tour guides, itinerary, and meals were all first class. The guides were professional and knowledgeable….Thank you again for all your help and excellent customer service. Your company is truly first rate.”

Grace Wong - New York, February

2014 (Japan, China, Hong Kong)

Actual Letter

“I want to thank you for organizing our amazing trip we had in Thailand, it was absolutely amazing!!! Both of our tour guides, Nino and Kike, were astonishing and the places we went were fabulous and full of good vibes!!!……We were really happy with the service that you provide to us. So, every December we go on a family trip and we want to repeat the experience with your company. “

Leon Family

Peru, January 2014 (Thailand)

Actual Letter

“We had a great time on our trip. Everything went smoothly- the hotels were wonderful! Tour guides and drivers very professional. Amazing memories. Thanks for all your help and knowledge. “

Jeff & Carla Lewis

Texas, January 2014 (Thailand & Singapore)

Actual Letter

“We had a once in a life time AMAZING journey we’ll remember forever. The guides, destinations, food, hotels, and activities were all perfect…..You were amazing throughout the entire process, and you organized the tour of a lifetime for us. Thank you!”

Rabkin Family

Pennsylvania, August 2013 (Japan & China)

Actual Letter

“I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. The guide we had for the day was extremely helpful….It has been the best trip we’ve ever gone on, and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.”

Tony MacDonald

Ontario, Canada. February 2013 (Japan)

Actual Letter

“We have completely fallen in love with Southeast Asia. Our entire trip was seamless and we loved all of our guides and experiences, it was unforgettable….and thank you for all your planning, insight and help in making this trip truly one of a kind!”

Stephanie Dacko

Massachusetts, November 2012 (Vietnam & Thailand)

Actual Letter

“Everything went smoothly, the tour guides were excellent, we couldn’t have asked for more!”

Tony & Angela Farr

Ontario, Canada. November 2012 (China)

Actual Letter

“It was a wonderful experience to have a private tour. The guides and drivers were very good and helpful! The trip was exactly what we had planned.”

Luciana Alves

Ontario, Canada. September 2012 (China & Japan)

Actual Letter

“Every hotel we stayed in was beautiful, the food was amazing….It was the trip of a lifetime, and we couldn’t be happier with the experience”

Timothy Quill

New York. July 2012 (China)

Actual Letter

“The trip was awesome. I am amazed and delighted that you were able, especially on such short notice, to orchestrate such a great experience for us. The arrangements were flawless and superb. Thank you again for such an extraordinary experience, and for truly exceeding every expectation.

Toni Saychek & Family

New York. July 2012 (Japan)

Actual Letter