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Asia Tours & Vacations


Private Luxury Asia Tours & Travel Packages

The exotic Orient beckons, with its timeless traditions, magnificent architecture, pristine beaches and warm friendly faces. Experience the contrast between old and new, traditional and modern. Encounter ancient cultures and sample tantalizing cuisine. Discover history and hidden bargains at every corner. 

Asia is an explorer’s wonderland that rewards the visitor with the most intriguing travel experiences unlike anywhere in the world. Asia is alluring. It’s fascinating. It’s fun. It offers something for everyone and caters to every whim. Its irresistible combination of dazzling landmarks, striking natural beauty, uncommon adventures and heartwarming culture promises a lifetime of memories.

Visit China and feast your eyes with its endless arsenal of legendary architectural masterpieces, breathtaking sceneries and remarkable history. Embark on a time journey to Vietnam, Cambodia or Myanmar and catch a glimpse of Southeast Asia’s timeless past as it gracefully races to catch up with the modern world. Immerse yourself in the Japan of Old strolling the quaint cobbled alleyways of Gion or experience modern Japan’s futuristic marvels, eclectic pop culture, and vibrant nightlife. Take a culinary lesson, jungle trek on an elephant’s back or indulge in the world’s finest spas in Thailand where “Fun” is taken to a whole new level. Try Yoga in beautiful Bali and find your soul overlooking Jimbaran’s golden shores, or if you prefer, in the surreal surroundings of Ubud’s spectacular rice terraces. Feel sheer excitement as you marvel Hong Kong’s stunning skyline, sample the planet’s best cuisine, or shop till you drop in this city of non-stop action. Whatever you wish for the perfect holiday, Asia overloads the senses in ways that go beyond the imagination. Come and define your own vision of the Far East on one of Explorient’s highly exclusive, highly personalized luxury Asia vacations that will exceed your highest expectations.

Your trip of a lifetime awaits.

Asia Tours & Vacations

Tailor-Made Luxury & Private Asia Tours & Vacation Packages


Lions Clubs Singapore 2020

Explorient is proud to be appointed by Lions Clubs International (LCI) as the PREFERRED Tour Operator to offer its esteemed attendees pre and post-convention tours for its 2020 International Convention in Singapore. Traveling in STYLE, our meticulously crafted luxury tours spanning Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bali & Bali, boast unforgettable travel experiences second to none – from exotic local cultures to tantalizing cuisines to luxury accommodations that promise the trip to remember. If you don’t find a tour you absolutely LOVE, simply contact our office and let one of our Asia travel specialists create a custom trip just for you. Visit our LCI Convention Singapore 2020 page and discover Asia in ways that go beyond the imagination.

Explorient - Luxury Vacations to China, Japan, Thailand


Bagan, Luxury Southeast Asia Tours

ASIA’S TOP SPOTS BY EXPLORIENT: As the largest continent in the world, Asia has a richness in history and culture against a backdrop of dramatic contrasts between its energetic metropolis to the tranquil, natural landscapes. The Far East boasts a myriad of tantalizing travel experiences between country and city, ancient and modern, adventure and relaxation.

Figuring where to go in Asia no small feat so we’re here to help. This blog provides insights to Asia’s top spots that suit just about every taste and everyone. From Hong Kong’s gleaming skyscrapers to Kyoto’s inspiring temples; Koh Yao’s blissful beaches to Bali’s serene mountains; Yunnan’s spectacular natural beauty to Borneo’s exotic wildlife. These amazing destinations will sure get your travel bug going. Then, check out our arsenal of fascinating, high end Asia tour packages to realize that trip of a lifetime. Bon Voyage!



Cambodia - Asia Tour Packages and Asia Vacations

CAMBODIA IMPRESSIONS: While Cambodia is often exclusively associated with the magnificent Angkor Wat, there is plenty more that meets the eye when it comes to truly experiencing Cambodia – its food, its culture and most extraordinarily, its people.

This culturally-inspiring Cambodia tour features the impressive Angkor Wat that offers a glimpse into the untold mysteries of the mighty Khmer Empire; Phnom Penh’s steep contrast of opulent structures vs. its dark chapter under the brutal Khmer Rouge era depicted by Tuol Sleng and The Killing Fields; plus a few nights in Kep, a sleepy seaside town that’s complete off the tourist-path amid the lush countryside and small rural villages.

For those seeking beyond the beaten path and wish to see Cambodia “unfiltered”, this trip will forever change your life.



Asia Tours by Explorient

TRAVEL JAPAN. ELEVATE THE SENSES: Japan has something for everyone. Whether you’re a history buff, an avid foodie or just the average Joe (or Jill) seeking a vacation experience unlike any other, Japan might just hit the spot. From blissful honeymoons to fascinating family holidays to Culinary adventures. A Japan vacation brings endless possibilities. 


DISCOVER MYANMAR: For those searching for that one-of-a-kind trip, the destination is Myanmar and the time is now. Myanmar offers a window into Southeast Asia’s past like nowhere else on Earth. From warm, friendly faces to stunning natural beauty. Alluring temples to fascinating cultures. Myanmar delights even the most seasoned traveler. Embark on one of Explorient’s luxury Myanmar tours and discover a world unseen.


Explorient - Private Asia Tours



Private Luxury Asia Tours & Vacation Packages

For over 20 years, Explorient has been helping thousands of travelers realize their dream vacations to Asia and the Pacific Rim. We furnish the widest array of innovative, highly exclusive, private luxury Asia vacation packages and tour products in the marketplace. Our vast portfolio of luxury Asia tours spans everything from blissful honeymoons to unforgettable family holidays, inspiring heritage journeys to out-of-this-world culinary adventures.

At Explorient, we treat your long awaited Asia vacation as our very own, meticulously attending to every detail in every aspect of your trip to make your journey the one to remember. Each of our 200+ luxury Asia tour packages is designed with maximizing your vacation experience in mind. Each destination, each hotel and each activity is carefully chosen to bring you the very best of the Orient. Our signature private tours ensure you receive highly personalized, worry free “white glove” service so you can simply focus on enjoying your long-awaited vacation. And because our Asia tours and vacations are always private, our itineraries are fully customizable to suit your travel style, tastes and interests – giving you endless possibilities to travel Asia – in style. If you can’t find an itinerary you absolutely love, simply call us and let one of our Asia luxury travel specialists help you craft that amazing trip of a lifetime.

Whether your holiday dream is to explore the virgin jungles of Malaysia Borneo, trace the footsteps of mankind atop China’s magnificent Great Wall, or unwind at one of Thailand’s idyllic beaches on the shores of the Andaman, Explorient will exceed your highest expectations.


Tailor Made Asia Tours & Asia Vacations



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TRAVEL PROVERBS: ‘Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.’ Matthew Karsten ‘Take only memories, leave only footprints.’ Chief Seatle ‘Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.’ Gustave Flaubert. Want to know more about Asia travel? Check out our Asia tour packages.



Tonle Sap Lake Cambodia Travel

EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT TONLE SAP LAKE: Cambodia has long been a country of many wonders that attract travelers from all over the world. From the dark and sordid history of Phnom Penh to the ancient city of Angkor Wat and everything in between, it’s no wonder so many people flock …



“My dad, Michael, my wife Sarah and I, all wanted to thank you for organize such an amazing trip through Asia for us. We had a once in a life time AMAZING journey we’ll remember forever. The guides, destinations, food, hotels, and activities were all perfect…..You were amazing throughout the entire process, and you organized the tour of a lifetime for us. Thank you!” ”

Rabkin Family - Japan & China