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As a travel professional, whether it be a Retail Travel Agent, a Tour Operator or a Destination Management Company (DMC), we are in this business because we are passionate about travel and that we truly care about giving our clients the best vacation experience possible. That is why the one most important decision you can make is to choose the right tour operator partner for your clients – so they keep coming back.

Let’s face it. With all the online booking engines out there, no-commission airfares, and DIY resources available, we travel agents and tour operators have more than our share of challenges in this day and age. With so much out there, it is paramount that the tour company you choose provides the value-proposition and know-how to incentivize clients your way; and most importantly, one who can deliver high quality service predictably and consistently booking after booking, year after year. After all, most of us only have one chance to get it right.

Solid Partnerships. Here at Explorient, we pride ourselves on strong, long-standing partnerships. Partnerships with our clients, partnerships with our overseas suppliers, and partnerships with our retail travel agents. When it comes to our overseas partners, delivering superior quality service consistently throughout the remote corners of Asia requires decades of trust and working together. As you know, the scope of delivering a high-quality, end-to-end overseas trip stretches far beyond just booking a few hotels, flights or tours. With 20+ years of impeccable standing as a tour wholesaler (branded under parent company Visits Plus, Inc.), Explorient can proudly say we have the best DMC partners in all of Asia, and employ tried-and-trued methods of ensuring repeat, happy customers. As a customer-facing travel agent, you can rest assured your clients will be well taken care of, no matter how unexpected the circumstance, every step of the way.

Unparalleled Service. Lacking in our everyday life nowadays and considered a “thing of the past” is Customer Service. In order to shave costs, many companies big and small provide insufficient and inexperienced staff to handle even the simplest forms of customer service, let alone a complex half way around the world trip to the Far East. Not here at Explorient — we don’t believe in automatic telephone systems that forces the caller to navigate through a myriad of phone options just to keep them on hold. Our phones are answered by an experienced, expert staff every time. Period. We ensure that every inquiry, no matter how big or small, via telephone or e-mail, is met promptly, professionally and adequately. We guarantee it.

Steadfast Integrity. Integrity is something often spoken of but seldom followed. Equally as important as service and quality is knowing that you are working with a company that puts the interests of their clients and partners first. Our management philosophy, in fact, company policy, from our CEO down has always been “to do the right thing”, no matter the circumstance, no mater where the fault may lie, and no matter the cost. This is a founding principle everyone here at Explorient adheres to. For instance, in the cases of September 11th in 2001, SARS in 2003, Thailand Tsunami in 2004, the Fukushima catastrophe in 2011, and the recent political protests in Thailand in 2014, prompt and full cash refunds were issued to all confirmed passengers who did not wish to travel. And while some airlines have begun to do away with bereavement fares and other waiver-related considerations, Explorient, in almost all cases, will waive cancellation fees for those facing hardship, such as family or medical emergencies. Again, doing the right thing at all costs – an old school way of doing business seldom found in today’s world.

Whether your client is a honeymoon couple seeking that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Thailand, an MBA Graduate program expanding their studies across Asia, or a Fortune 500 company planning a major corporate event in Hong Kong, Explorient is delighted to be your partner and deliver the best travel experiences that will exceed your clients’ highest expectations.

Call us at 1-800-785-1233 today and experience the Explorient difference.

All of our tour packages offer standard commission (on land price) for all retail agents and tour organizers. Special overrides are also available to our preferred partners. Nett or commissionable rates can be furnished for custom itineraries upon request.