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Vietnam’s Undiscovered Island Destination – Phu Quoc (by Leah Kammeyer)


Rolling green landscapes spanning as far as you can see, halting just in time for swatches of sandy beaches flanking the azure sea. These fairly untouched, wind-tickled sands beckon the wanderlust traveler to explore on. Choose whether to trek on or retreat to the creature comforts of your luxury hotel. Sound like a great escape from the hustle and go of our everyday lives? The place is Phu Quoc and the time is NOW.

Beach at Sunset

As one of Vietnam’s undiscovered gems, this island destination is uncommonly traveled, but copiously rich in beauty. Phu Quoc appropriately translates to “fertile nation,” for that natural abundance of flora and fauna. Rightly nicknamed “Pearl Island” for the coastal offerings of oyster-bearing pearls, this largest island of Vietnam is truly a pearl of the Orient. The lush island landscapes promise to remain pristine as over 50% of the island belongs to Phu Quoc National Park. Preserving the island’s natural integrity has been top priority since 2006, when the Phu Quoc archipelago and surrounding coastal area were recognized as a “World Biosphere Site” by UNESCO. The mountainous terrain blanketed in rich greenery confer the island’s other nicknames, “The island of 99 mountains,” and “Emerald Island,” both accolades of Phu Quoc’s unparalleled beauty.

Geographically, Phu Quoc is part of the Mekong Delta, an area including the south-western tip of Vietnam. Though the Mekong Delta is typically a rice-producing region, Phu Quoc’s natural proclivities have brought notoriety to its nuoc mam (fish sauce), pearls and oysters, and pepper farms. There are numerous opportunities on Phu Quoc to tour and learn more about these island livelihoods!

Attractive Destinations

Located on the western, central coast of the island, Duong Dong is the largest town in Phu Quoc, and serves as the hub from which activity radiates. In recent years, the area has become more aware of its tourist potential and has accommodated accordingly. With the traveler in mind, Tran Hung Dao Street is lined with hotels, restaurants and shops, ranging from budget to luxury. Plenty of activities keep you busy, including renting motorbikes to explore the area, tours on land and by sea, sampling local tastes, and island treats, like fresh coconut and sugar cane.

While Duong Dong caters well to the tourist, it’s the perfect place to experience every day as the locals do. Duong Dong features outdoor markets in the morning and evening, both teeming withPhuQuocIsland1 activity as sellers push their local fare. Visit Cho Duong Dong in the morning or the Dinh Cau Market at night for a chance to peruse the souvenirs, crafts, and fresh produce, plus browse through the bounty of seafood available from the day’s catch. These are great places to pick up some local flavors, including the Phu Quoc mushroom, the renowned Phu Quoc black pepper, and raw herring salad, from the locally abundant catch. There’s also plenty of beef, chicken, pork or veggie fare if you’re desiring something other than seafood. Be sure to arrive early for first picks, but also take the time to walk the length of the market to see what’s available before making your choices!

A truly local experience awaits you on Dinh Cau Beach, if you don’t mind company. Late afternoons are great for lounging on the beach. Sunset attracts the local crowd to enjoy the beach with Vietnamese food, drinks, or even take a swim. When evening falls, the Dinh Cau Night Market is just on the other side of the beach.

Pristine waters surrounding Phu Quoc offer ample opportunities to snorkel and SCUBA, presenting an unhindered view of life and color illuminating the underwater habitats. Personalized pick up from your hotel for transfer to Duong Dong jetty, then take a pleasure boat to untouched coral reefs for snorkelling in some islets nearby. Enjoy a seafood lunch served on board. After lunch, continue snorkelling at a different coral reef at Mong Tay islet, topped off with some relaxation by Vung Tau beach. Transfer back to Duong Dong jetty, and have the afternoon to yourself at your hotel.

Family Fishing at Sunrise

Family Fishing at Sunrise

While in Duong Dong, you’ll have a chance to stay at La Veranda Resort by MGallery. Reminiscent of a French seaside mansion, the colonial style decor echoes historical influences of the past, but is exquisitely modern in luxury, style, and amenities. Just north of Duong Dong, we also feature a stay at Chen Sea Resort & Spa, another one of Phu Quoc’s top luxury resorts. Chen Sea Resort & Spa allows you to immerse yourself in tranquility, nestled at the edge of the dense forest, including relaxing waterfront massages and private beaches to wander upon.

Nearby Duong Dong boasts two beautiful waterfalls. Da Ban Waterfall (Suoi Da Ban) is a great picnicking spot for its bounty of flat boulders, perfect to sit, rest, and eat. For a more exploratory, off-the-beaten-path experience, Tranh Waterfall (Suoi Tranh) inspires and awes with the lush diversity of flora and fauna, and a chance to explore deeper to the caves down the path.

A visit to Phu Quoc showcases off-the-beaten path natural and cultural beauty Vietnam has to offer, and Explorient can take you there – IN STYLE. Their 4-Day Phu Quoc Island Getaway can be combined with just about any Southeast Asia program they offer. Learn more by contacting your travel specialist at 800.785.1233, or visit us on to discover the gems of the Orient – Your Way.

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